Other Important Information

Mediation and Alternative Dispute Resolution

Mediation is a tool that can help you and your spouse to reach agreements regarding your situation. A mediator is trained and experienced, and works with you and your attorneys. Many of our members are also mediators, and can talk with you about assembling a team of mediators and attorneys to work with you throughout your case.
For more information about mediation, please visit the website of Family Mediation Council - Michigan. You can also learn more about Alternative Dispute Resolution by reading this publication of the State Bar of Michigan.

Collaborative Practice

There is another approach being used to help reduce conflict in divorce proceedings, and this is called Collaborative Practice. In collaborative practice, each party hires an attorney for the purpose of settling the case. A contract is signed with each attorney stating that if the case is not settled, the attorney will not represent that client in court. This way, everyone is focused on settling the case by reaching agreements on important issues, and the prospect of just going to court and having the judge decide is not available. The parties are not giving up their right to go to court eventually, it would just be after this method has been attempted, and would require finding a different attorney. You can find out more about this process at the Collaborative Practice Institute of Michigan website.