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Why You Should Join the Organization?

If you are an attorney who practices family law in Wayne County, membership in the Wayne County Family Law Bar Association may be beneficial to your practice.

Here are some reasons why:

  • Opportunity to exchange information and ideas - We meet regularly, giving our members plenty of time at each meeting to catch up, to touch base on specific cases, and to meet and greet new members. Our judges, court staff, and Friend of the Court staff, often attend and actively participate in our meetings.
  • Get the latest practice updates and information - We provide information to our members about any changes to policies, procedures, or forms at Wayne County Circuit Court, as well as updates on rulings and practice tips.
  • Have a voice in shaping policy - We have a history of providing comment and input to various issues and changes that are being contemplated, to court procedures, rules, and even statutes, so we therefore often learn about these changes in advance, and have time to make an impact.
  • Contribute to the community - As members, we have the opportunity to make meaningful contributions to the community through our fundraising and other initiatives.
  • Let the community know of your commitment to family law - You can be included in our new website directory, and give potential clients a way of knowing your interest and experience in the field.
Family professionals who serves families in Wayne County, can also benefit from membership in the Wayne County Family Law Bar Association. In addition to the benefits listed above, family professionals can be included in a special section of our website directory devoted to services such as business valuation, financial assistance, QDRO preparation, child custody evaluation, parenting coordination, and alternative dispute resolution.
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